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10 Ways earning from your website

10 Ways earning from your website

1. PPC Advertising Networks
Google AdSense is the most popular option under this category, but there are also

others. Basically you need to sign up with the network and paste some code snippets

on your website. The network will then serve contextual ads (either text or images)

relevant to your website, and you will earn a certain amount of money for every

The profitability of PPC advertising depends on the general traffic levels of the

website and, most importantly, on the click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click

(CPC). The CTR depends on the design of the website. Ads placed abode the fold or

blended with content, for instance, tend to get higher CTRs. The CPC, on the other

hand, depends on the nice of the website. Mortgages, financial products and college

education are examples of profitable niches (clicks worth a couple of dollars are not

rare), while tech-related topics tend to receive a smaller CPC (sometimes as low as a

couple of cents per click).
The source of the traffic can also affect the overall CTR rate. Organic traffic (the

one that comes from search engines) tends to perform well because these visitors were

already looking for something, and they tend to click on ads more often. Social media

traffic, on the other hand, presents terribly low CTRs because these visitors are

tech-savvy and they just ignore ads.

List of popular CPC advertising networks:
* Google Adsense
* Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN)
* BidVertiser
* Chitika
* Clicksor
2. CPM Advertising Networks
CPM advertising networks behave pretty much as PPC networks, except that you get paid

according to the number of impressions (i.e., page views) that the ads displayed on

your site will generate. CPM stands for Cost per Mille, and it refers to the cost for

1,000 impressions.
A blog that generates 100,000 page views monthly displaying an advertising banner

with a $1 CPM, therefore, will earn $100 monthly.
CPM rates vary with the network, the position of the ad and the format. The better

the network, the higher the CPM rate (because they have access to more advertisers).

The closer you put the ad to the top of the page, the higher the CPM. The bigger the

format (in terms of pixels), the higher the CPM.
You can get as low as $0,10 and as high as $10 per 1,000 impressions (more in some

special cases). CPM advertising tends to work well on websites with a high page views

per visitor ratio (e.g., online forums, magazines and so on).
List of popular CPM advertising networks:

* Casale Media
* Burst Media
* Value Click
* Advertising.com
* Tribal Fusion
* Right Media

3. Direct Banner Advertising
Selling your own advertising space is one of the most lucrative monetization methods.

First and foremost because it enables you to cut out the middleman commissions and to

determine your own rates. The most popular banner formats on the web are the 72890

leaderboard, the 120600 skyscraper, the 300250 rectangle and the 125125 button.
The downside of direct banner advertising is that you need to have a big audience to

get qualified advertisers, and you will need to spend time managing the sales

process, the banners and the payments.
Related links:
* How to Find Advertisers for Your Website
* Finding Advertisers for Your Blog
* Direct Advertising Sales for Beginners
* Openads Ad Server
* OIO Publisher Ad Platform
4. Text Link Ads
After Google declared that sites selling text links without the nofollow tag would be

penalized, this monetization method became less popular.
rany website owners are still using text links to monetize their sites, though, some

using the nofollow tag and some not.
The advantage of this method is that it is not intrusive. One can sell text links

directly through his website or use specialized networks like Text-Link-Ads and Text

-Link-Brokers to automate the process.
Text link marketplaces and networks:
* DigitalPoint Link Sales Forum
* Text-Link-Ads
* Text-Link-Brokers
* LinkWorth

5. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a very popular practice on the Internet. Under this system you

have a merchant that is willing to let other people (the affiliates) sell directly or

indirectly its products and services, in exchange for a commission. Sometimes this

type of advertising is also called CPA (cost per action) or CPL (cost per lead)

Affiliates can send potential customers to the merchant using several tools, from

banners to text links and product reviews.
In order to find suitable affiliate programs you can turn to individual companies and

publishers like Dreamhost and SEOBook, or join affiliate marketplaces and networks.
List of popular affiliate marketplaces and networks:

* Commission Junction
* ClickBank
* Azoogle Ads
* Link Share

6. Monetization Widgets
The latest trend on the web are widgets that let you monetize your website. Examples

include Widgetbucks and SmartLinks. Some of these services operate under a PPC

scheme, others behave like text link ads, others yet leverage affiliate links.
Their main differentiator, however, is the fact that they work as web widgets, making

it easier for the user to plug and play the service on its website.
List of companies that provide monetization widgets:
* WidgetBucks
* ScratchBack
* SmartLinks

7. Sponsored Reviews
PayPerPost pioneered this model, with much controversy on the beginning (related to

the fact that they did not require disclosure on paid posts). Soon other companies

followed, most notably Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe, refining the process and

expanding the paid blogging model.
Joining one of these sponsored reviews marketplaces will give you the opportunity to

write sponsored posts on a wide range of topics. Not all bloggers are willing to get

paid to write about a specific product or website (because it might compromise the

editorial credibility), but the ones who do are making good money out of it.
If your blog has a big audience you could also offer sponsored reviews directly,

cutting off the commissions of the middleman.
List of sponsored reviews and paid blogging networks:
* PayPerPost
* Sponsored Reviews
* ReviewMe
* BlogVertise
* Smorty

8. RSS Feed Ads
With the quick adoption of the RSS technology by millions of Internet users, website

owners are starting to find ways to monetize this new content distribution channel.
Feedburber already has its own publisher network, and you can sign-up to start

displaying CPM based advertising on your feed footer. Bidvertiser recently introduced

a RSS feed ad option as well, with a PPC scheme.
Finally, some blogs are also opting to sell banners or sponsored messages on their

feed directly. John Chow and Marketing Pilgrim are two examples.
Related links:
* Feedburner
* BidVertiser
* Pheedo

9. Sponsors for Single Columns or Events
If you website has specific columns or events (e.g., a weekly podcast, an interview

series, a monthly survey, a special project) you could find companies to sponsor them

This method increases the monetization options for website owner, while giving

advertisers the possibility to target a more specific audience and with a reduced

Mashable illustrates the case well. They have several advertising options on the

site, including the possibility to sponsor specific columns and articles, including

the “Daily Poll” and the “Web 2.0 Invites.”
Problogger also runs group writing projects occasionally, and before proceeding he

publicly announce the project asking for sponsors.

10.Premium Content
Some websites and blogs give away part of their content for free, and charge for

access to the premium content and exclusive tools.
SEOMoz is a good example. They have a very popular blog that gives advice and

information on wide range of SEO related topics. On top of that visitors can decide

to become premium members. It costs $48 monthly and it grants them access to guides,

tools and other exclusive material.

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It Always Starts With Your Business.

Optimization of a Business when coupled with a strategic plan for Website and Internet Marketing Optimization leads to better results. You can optimize just your Internet Marketing and get lower scores from the search engines. You can optimize just your website and then advertise to the wrong customer. You can optimize your business, and create a focused machine leaving the customers to find you. When you optimize all three you get results other businesses will envy.

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Post Re:

Very precious tips friend, I like all the points as you discussed in post! Keep sharing your knowledge with us!
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Think CPV programs are also worthy of being used:

Price per view is also called pay per view (PPV), and is a technique of website monetization that allows you to earn money from your web site or blog. It has steadily grown in reputation with site owners as one of the vital profitable ways to generate income from advertisers.

eDomz works as a cost per view community that permits you to earn money. All it's important to do is paste their code in your web site.

This code will open a pop advert window when the visitor comes in the page. So long as the visitor receives exposure to the ad, you then get to earn cash, and in the event that they happen to click on the ad, you earn much more because the advertiser’s probability of selling grows.

Blog Your Option to a Biweekly Paycheck with eDomz

Bloggers also have the chance to earn via the eDomz CPV program, particularly if their blogs entice many visitors. One of the issues that almost all webmasters are skeptical about when contemplating CPV is that pop-up adverts might change into annoying to their guests . This happens when guests are redirected to other pages after clicking on advertisements.

This redirection typically causes the visitor to be lost, as a result of you've already misplaced their attention. Nevertheless, this isn't the case with eDomz CPV. When the visitor clicks on an advert, the advert will all the time open in a new tab or window, so your customer can always come again to your page, and it'll not disturb the page they're presently viewing.

There's definitely competition in the market, but eDomz stands out as a result of they provide quality services. Webmasters have had disappointing experiences with a few of these companies. Some have even lost giant amounts of steady visitors utilizing these methods.

One example that's widespread with one of eDomz’s opponents is the place a pop below really froze the customer’s browser after which downloaded a film onto the person’s laptop with none consent from the user. Many different users complain of pop-ups and pop-below ads having hidden viruses and spy ware.

eDomz is a vibrant spot on this jungle of pop up ads uncertainty. eDomz ensures that no such adverts will discover their strategy to your website, and solely legitimate adverts will show up in your page.

The Benefits?

In case your site already has steady customer traffic, you can make an entire lot of profit via the eDomz cost per view program. This is a most handy means of earning money, since minimal participation is required on your finish as the webmaster, low minimum and payments are made in every 15 days, which means you get your money fast, no 45 days waiting.ntroducing webmasters to this excellent earning opportunity, so sign up as an affiliate today and earn 10% of your referral‘s earnings for life!
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Thanks for highlighting about all these valuable matters. i am sure that your articles will help me a lot.
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Really good tips to earn expected from a webiste. Thank you so much for sharing.
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