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Transitioning from nested php to independent php

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  • Transitioning from nested php to independent php

    Okay, this is sort of hard to explain. I have a mobile forum which when going to the front page is an html which calls a php page into a div which is fine, however, in the page there is a link to the desktop site full forum. If clicked on it will load the full site in the mobile html front page which is what it is programmed to do but it looks terrible with two menus and headers etc. I need to find a way to, when clicked on the go to desktop version to navigate away from the inital html to either another html or an independant php page and I have absolutely no idea (or training) on how to do this. I need some advice at least if nothing else to point me in the right direction on how to do this. You can see what I mean here; Thank you for even taking the time to read an acknowledge my issue, I am seriously desprate, it has been giving me a headache for hours. Bre

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    Hi Ms. LeLiever

    hehe ^

    Sorry, just thought that'd be fun!

    Down to business!

    So I'm going to try and break all this down so you can find a way to better explain what you need, because i'm a clueless nonce with IT skills

    So you have a mobile page which is a very bare bones implementation of the forum, enabling users to have smoother loading times and a better UI for that tiny little screen they like using!

    And then you have a full website that looks like it has some issues!

    Namely the text bar that has the links " Register Search Statistics ".
    Also the bar that has the username/password login text boxes?

    Are these the issues you're trying to highlight?
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      Those are Somewhat the issues

      Dear sbeynon, first off, thanks for responding/acknowledging my issues. To start those are certainly the problem pages. What is bugging me is that cute little simplified mobile site doesn't have a menu to link it back to the rest of the mobile site (which I'm still building) that is what it boils down to. Now I have my pretty little html driven menu which I have been applying to all my other pages, and I want to apply it to the mobile forms page. The desktop php version of the forums works as is, before I had mucked with it (I have since taken down the modified menu.php so right now the mobile site doesn't have a menu and the desktop site looks normal, I never seem to stop mucking with stuff... sorry..) Now because the um... I am not going to name call... simpleton who I hired to code my forums did so entirely in php, it is not at all user friendly and with my limited knowledge, especially even more so with php. If I knew how to apply the pretty little mobile menu in php and somehow add it to the index.php, the guy I paid had coded, I'd be all set... but I know nothing of the sort which was why I tried to load the php into an html (which I ended up renaming to menu.php) It worked, but because when you click on go to fulll site the one php loads another php, the desktop php gets called within the mobile menu html thing resulting in the double menu, also resulting in my total frustration. Hopefully I have clarified any confusion. Here I have attached both the index.php and the menu.html, (the two that I want to merge together) hopefully it will explain a little more thouroughly the issue. (It won't loonk pretty though as I didn't include the external css and js etc nor are the menu links up to date) Anyways, thanks again for listening I would really love this mobile to have a menu. Bre


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        I think your main issue here is that it was created using MiniBB - Which is an open-source package, so this "Simpleton" didn't code any of it (likely) and just configured it to look and act how it does for you.

        Now from a bit of reading on the MiniBB support forums, i've found that they have a method in which they separate the html and PHP to make like a little easier for the end users!

        There should be a folder called "Templates" in the directory structure of the FTP server.

        If you can locate that, inside there should be the files that require modifying. I'm sure you'll be glad to know; All the files in here are going to consist mostly of HTML code with some clever snippets of easy to understand PHP!

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          It worked!

          Bless you! It's actually pretty and worked! I saw those template folder and I did go through them but it occurred to me now, I was going through the desktop version of them because I can recall opening the header.html and pulling up my desktop header and was confused, what I didn't notice is the templates for the mobile files are nested elsewhere in a different folder, what's more I can actually understand it! Mmmm! I am so happy with you I could... I could... I could kiss your shoe!



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            No Problemo!

            You don't want to kiss my shoe, i'm notorious for smelly feet!
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