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  • ASPUpload

    Hey! I know this belongs in the ASP forum, but I couldn't find it so redirect me if need be.

    I'm having some trouble with ASPUpload. I have to use it to upload files on GoDaddy (because they suck and don't allow users to upload files). Basically, I learned from a forum ( that you have to change the Upload.Save comand to Upload.SaveASVirtual, in order to get around GoDaddy's restrictions.

    But I have no idea what to do from here, since this isn't working and I have no clue what else I'm missing.

    Any help on this issue that leads to a solution will quite possible lead to cookies. Or at least my undying thanks for making me get over an annoyance that's lasted for 2 days now >_<

    <!-- AspUpload Code samples: UploadScript2.asp -->
    <!-- Invoked by Form2.asp -->
    <!-- Copyright (c) 2001 Persits Software, Inc. -->
    <!-- -->


    Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload")
    Upload.SaveAsVirtual "/upload/"


    For Each File in Upload.Files
    Response.Write File.Filename & "= " & File.Path & " (" & File.Size &" bytes)<BR>"


    Other items:<BR>
    For Each Item in Upload.Form
    Response.Write Item.Name & "= " & Item.Value & "<BR>"


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    you can't have looked very hard...

    well, I've moved it - someone who can help should be around shortly.


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      You're not going to be able to use AspUpload (any version) while GoDaddy is hosting your site, AspUpload needs to be installed onto the server and needs access to the registry as the manual shows


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        I'm new to asp, is there anything built into asp to handle file uploads? Or do I have to install something like aspupload on my server to handle file uploads from a browser?


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            I've just released a new version of my pure ASP component, it also has a progressbar.

            Check it out and let me know what you think:



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              Not really you could use the open source class built by asp 101 that uses a vb class and manually parses the data.

              however speed impact is an issue as it takes for ever in a scripting language to do byte level manipulation.
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