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best language for retaining form entries after page refresh

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  • best language for retaining form entries after page refresh

    Hey, guys.
    I'm building a site. In it, there's a form field where a user submits his favorite word and that word pops up. with what language do i go about making sure that their entry is still there on the webpage after they refresh the page so anyone can see? I'm not asking for the full code or anything, just a nod in the right direction and what language. I've only done things with html and some javascript but i'm not sure how servers really work. I assume php is the best language for this? I've seen ASP.NET stuff. Just looking for good advice on how to start. I'm using ubuntu if that's important. Thanks!

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    Normally you use a server sided language (PHP, ASP, Ruby, Python) to store the values in a database, then you can read the values from the database using some sort of random ID and show them as the field values.
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      alright cool thank-so i'm going to have to set up mysql and stuff?