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One Stop Shop for most commonly Supported Multi Media Players.

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  • One Stop Shop for most commonly Supported Multi Media Players.

    This thread is a list of sources for the more common multimedia resoures. From Real Player to the latest codecs.

    You will not find support for them in this thread but in the relavent areas of HTML Forums... ie the 'Multi Media Section'.

    Know of any resources that should be in this list, then post a link in this thread and a little about why it should be included if possible.

    All in one Websites that offer media resources:
    • 123 Webmaster - The Mighty Sherrifs very own list of sources (Ian), you could do much worse by not starting here!
    The More Common Multimedia Official Sites/Media Players:
    • Real Player - Play just about everything via this platform. At time of writing into version 10.
    • Microsofts Media Player - As is Real Player, MS's Media player will allow you to play just about any format of media. At time of writing a beta version of 10 is in progress.
    • WINAMP - Pretty much a dedicated music player but bouncing into other media fields. Highly skinable with one the better Internet Radio Players out there.
    • Apple Quick Time - Quick Time is seen as the Default player for Movie Trailors by many... possibly due to its great open source streaming software. Plays a wide range of media and this link will take you to 1000's of movie trailors to boot.
    • Ashampoo Discover a whole range of respected media players here.
    Codecs and related downloads:
    • Microsoft Codecs for: Windows Media Audio 9, Windows Media Screen 9, Windows Media Audio 9 Voice, Windows Media Video 7, 8, and 9, Microsoft MPEG-4 version 3, Microsoft MPEG-4 version 1 and 2, ISO MPEG-4 version 1 and 1.1
    • Free Codecs Dot Com Not a bad resource, feel free to comment on it if you disagree.
    • The only place you should get Dix X from! Looking for a Div X codec, then dont trust any other codecs, get it from the source and official site.

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    VLC media player should be included on this list as it is available for 23 different operating systems and is capable of playing almost any file format, including flash. the only format that i know it does not support is real.

    *NOTE* the available formats may vary depending on the operating system that VLC is running on.

    to view there site, go here!
    for a list of the programs formats, go here!


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      The views provided was quite informative and also very useful in getting various multi media players and the i am using is winamp and i wish to use something different from now.
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        k lite codec is the latest software for every type of video audio format