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SWF to AVI ??????

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  • SWF to AVI ??????

    Is there any freeware to convert SWF files to AVI, I have found shareware on the net.........Would be grateful for any advise!!

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    looking for something like that...

    looking for a program that does that myself, i'll post it when i find a good one...!


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      you can import the swf's into flash MX and then export them as a avi format.

      mine has a problem because the fonts have changed (wingdings embedded in the swf) have returned back to normal format so the movie looks wrong now.

      looks like i need the source files !!


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        still looking...

        i'll have to check that one malecon, do you use macromedia flash or someone elses software for your flash projects...? jaeman

        pickup line no.9 Have you got a cigarette? No but i can give you a kiss!


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          swish will do this easily -

          It is NOT free, but the full funtioning trial is.


          (ps...if you do much flash, swish is a really nice little program to have, and not too expensive.)


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            I advise you to try Flash to Video Encoder PRO by Geovid. Very useful tool. Converts swf to avi without any quality losses. Also you can add your logo to final video so you can protect your author's rights.
            little note: it's not freeware but you'll not regred if will use it.


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              Queer: Thanks for your suggestion, but I doubt they are still looking for this, considering this thread is more than 10 months old


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                I would like to share my expirience with this.
                Here is Flash To Video Encoder PRO.
                This is the best application that I have been used for converting flash to video, since I`ve been working with this all. Also there are 2 more applocations (e.g. a simple converter without the features which I will shortly describe below; and a batch converter for converting it in a batch. SOme of the features are missed in this two other versions, because of its main purpose, but PRO have the most featuring, but converting quality they have all the same)

                So PRO version, which I`m happy to use have have these features:
                1. main - it converts flash to avi, asv, wmv, mpeg
                2. It burns your flash to dvd
                3. It grabs all images from your flash file
                4. It has Video and Audio Settings.
                5. It has LOGO EDITOR! Real logo editor which wil make your flash copyrighted. Very nice =)
                6. It has Sound Tester which will help you to be sure that your sound from a flash file will not be missed and be converted successfully!

                and much more...!

                You can download it for free and test it. Thre is no any time limitation of trial version usage. Its just copyrighted. You will have a logo of GeoVid. So, TRY IT OUT!



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                  btw, now you can convert it online with the service at
                  vidflash almost started
                  I`ve alerady tried to upload video and convert it to flash. the full opening will be very soon (presentation to video or flash also)

                  The mechanism is following.
                  You upload a file after there will be some actions which can be done with this file (share, convert, etc)
                  After you choose to convert it, its converts and then you download (or share) your converted file. well everything is simple.

                  this service is aviable only for registered users . register is free...

                  So since it is ONLINE you will avoid any codec problems.


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                    I suggest this Flash Video Converter.
                    It has solved several problems on converting flash to video.
                    such as:

                    1. Asynchronization of video and audio

                    2. Low sound quality, jumpy sound, or no sound

                    3. Jumpy playback, animations are not fluidly in the video, problems with processing complicated Flash files

                    4. Faster or slower playback than the original Flash file

                    5. Cannot process built-in Flash videos or linked Flash videos

                    6. Cannot indeed accomplish the Flash Alpha effect in the converted video


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                      I use Flash to Video Encoder..


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                        u can google it ,u will find u need


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                          Flash2Video very useful, I think


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                            Magic Swf2Avi 2008 can help you convert flash video to avi and other video formats, simply, directly, high-quality.

                            you can download this software FREE:

                            a. Three output mode(Auto/two compressions/a compression), you can high-quality, simple, rapid convert flash file.
                            b. One step to convert flash(swf) to your iPod, PSP, Zune, 3GP mobile phone(Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola), Apple TV, iPhone, etc.
                            c. Convert and Burn flash(swf) file to DVD, SVCD, VCD and Audio CD.
                            d. Support the output video formats: AVI, MPEG, MPEG2 TS, MP4, WMV, 3GP, GIF, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.264/PSP AVC Video, MOV, FLV, etc..
                            e. Extract and Convert flash(swf) file audio to other popular audio formats, like MP2, MP3, AC3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, M4A, OGG, AAC, AU, MMF etc..
                            f. Convert flash(swf) to JPG, BMP image sequences, TAG, TIFF, PNG image sequences with alpha transparent channel.

                            Professional, High-Quality, No skip frames and Lossless audio for your Flash conversion


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                              even though swordm is spamming, he is right, I bought the software and its a life saver