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    I have a new website project that I will be doing for a good friend. He runs his own business which is kind of like a thrift shop, minus all of the clothes. He sells items from stoves to power tools, to chairs and tables, you get the idea. Anyway, he wants me to make a site for him and there is one thing that will be a big part and often used part on the whole site.

    We will have a page or so of bigger items that he wants to get moving out of the door faster than other items. He will be the one that will need to post up images, and some text with those images, and delete images as needed. There is no need for anything fancy, and for him, the simpler the better. We just need to be able to add/remove images to those pages along with text for those images as needed. That's it.

    I am going to see what I can find but I wanted to hit you guys up first in case someone in here has used something like that or knows of something that would work for what we need.

    Thanks so much for the help.

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    Just thought I would come back and see if anyone had any ideas at all about this. I have been looking around, I found "Gallery3" I think its called. Having issues with it only being testable on a linux system. But I am just curious if any of you know of any other possibilities.

    Thanks again


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      Wordpress has a couple of pretty good gallery plug-ins that can be adjusted to suit your needs. The nice thing about it is that your client can do the updates without needing you to hold his hand beyond the first few times.
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