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Marquee centering

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  • Marquee centering

    I have a marquee coming in from the right as normal but want it stop in the centre of the page instead of at the far left. I cannot seem to find any reference to the code required. Thanks Lamarinapete

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    <marquee behavior="slide" loop="1" style="width:50%;float:right">test</marquee>
    IE only.


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      Marquee Centering

      Hi Eddy9

      Thanks for the help but the code you gave me does stop in the middle but also disappears in the middle. What I am looking to do is for the whole text to center when it stops. Below is the code I have used.

      <marquee behavior="slide" loop="1" style="width:50%;float:right"><a href=""><FONT FACE="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans serif" SIZE=4 COLOR="#FF0000"><b>SPOTLIGHT - Activa Investments are offering excellent value apartments from around 61,000</font></b></marquee></a>




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        That's because the length of the text would need to be taken in to consideration, the fact that this won't work with Firefox is reason enough not to use it though.

        This link shows browser usage

        Firefox will be the most used browser before too long, so it doesn't make much sense to use a marquee in this way (or IE only filters).

        If you still want some marquee text that will link to another page I'd suggest a linked .GIF image (using alt for search engines).


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          First of all marquee's are very bad design.
          Second of all, you shouldn't use the marquee tag because it was invented by netscape and isn't a real tag. If you really have to use one, do it with javascript.