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HTML code validates - ok IE, O, FF - not EBAY ?

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  • HTML code validates - ok IE, O, FF - not EBAY ?

    Hi -

    I am using code similar to this on ebay on many listings. I cleaned it up after noticing that there were errors. I validated it and it passed.

    NOW it breaks up -

    I want to use this code as a template for more listings as I close out inventory - but I can't find where it is broken - or why it doesn't work on ebay

    This is where I have place the code for viewing via web:

    This is how it appears on ebay - The link:
    Last edited by weblost; 05-14-2016, 04:48 PM. Reason: Removed code and placed two links for easier and more understandable viewing

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    What exactly are you asking? Also if you put tags around your HTML it will be easier to read


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      Hi - When you say "Tags" You are referring to what exactly?

      I removed the code and placed a link to the code on my hosting server.

      In comparing how the code displays on the web and how it breaks up should help clarify the problem -


      Dorian (Weblost)