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Update Website Without Having To Re-Upload Files to FTP

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  • Update Website Without Having To Re-Upload Files to FTP

    Newb Question: I apologize.

    Is there a way I can code my site on my local machine and my website updates in real time without having to re-upload files to ftp?

    My website is hosted with name cheap. I have the webdisk feature available but it doesn't seem to be working. or its for something else im not sure.

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    Anyone? Can this be done?


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      There is no way that I know of. The only way is for you to be hosting your own website.
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        There is no way to publish a website without an upload.

        You could, create a small application that automatically uploads to your web server for you, but this would require the correct know-how.

        Another amusing solution might be too use a cloud storage service that automatically syncs and develop directly into there while the server has the same software and auto-syncs to your folders.

        But that would require access to the Server and not just a small part of it, so a VPS as opposed to a web hosting package.
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          While this technically wouldn't avoid the necessity of an upload, it's possible to configure Notepad++ to handle uploading files (and getting the latest version from the server) for you.

          Hope this helps!



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