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textbox that only accepts numbers greater than 0

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  • textbox that only accepts numbers greater than 0


    I'm looking for a way to make my textbox only accept numbers. It needs to accept all numbers greater or equal to 0 and any number of decimals. No negatives.

    I found this online:

    <input type="number" min="0" oninput="validity.valid||(value='');">

    While this accomplishes almost everything I want, it has this odd glitch of not allowing any numbers in the decimal expansion except 0's. For example, if I type this:

    8.0000 accepts it, but if I try to type:

    8.00001 clears the field.

    Try it:

    If anyone can help me fix this one glitch, this would be perfect for me. If not, then can anyone suggest an alternative way of doing this?

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    Hi there gibby,

    you need to add the "step attribute" with a value that will match
    the maximum number of decimal places that may be required.

    Here is a basic example...

    <form action="">
     <input type="number" min="0" step="0.0000001" name="number" oninput="validity.valid||(value='')">
     <input type="submit">

    A little more research revealed that...

        step="any" a more robust solution.

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      Thanks coothead, that works.

      One thing I noticed with this is that I'm still able to add extra decimals. For example, I'm able to do this:


      It allows me to add that extra period after the 6. Anything I type after that gets wiped out, so it's still serving its purpose, but would you know if there's a way of preventing the user from entering that second period in the first place?