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How to move from HTML to Wordpress

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  • How to move from HTML to Wordpress

    I've moved my website over to WP. (ya, I know). I'm unsure how to move one section of the old site:

    It's a quiz that adds itself up. Created by the Wizard of HTML forums Cootshead

    Any ideas would be appreciated. I really want to remove the rest of the old site; and this is what's holding me up.

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    You should be able to put that right in a page/post when looking at the HTML view. I've done it with wordpress before.
    Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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      First questions:

      what do I do with
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/questions.css" media="screen"> that's before the header?

      I presume that <script src="scripts/form-reset.js"></script>
      becomes <script src=""></script>

      It really looks very different at

      When I fill it in, it currently takes me to a 404 page
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        What I've done in the past is put the link rel information right inside the header.php page. It should be inside the themes package that you've selected. The second I'm not sure. Make sure that there's a scripts file and put it in there. If not, make one.
        Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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          Ok Will try that later tonight and return with the results. Currently it's not wokring

          Have to figure out how to make HTML on the the page look "pretty" as it looks weird right now. But that might change after I put information in the header.


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            Well I added the code to the header.php file. What that did was format the page nicely. I still get a 404 error page when I try to get the answer to the question.

            Any ideas of what I can do next?


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              Where are you putting the js code? As far as I know, it doesn't need the www information if it's on your site. If you're using, then you'll need to change the information to include the URL. Make a scripts folder in your theme folder, if there isn't one already, and drop the javascript code there. Then change the link to read scripts/form-reset.js.
              Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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                Ok. Pegasus I left all the code (js, css, etc.) in the original folder This weekend I'll look for what you say. I've not touched the script folder in my theme. But if I find it; I'll stick the code in there.