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Sub filtering not working as requred

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  • Sub filtering not working as requred

    Hi All
    I have the attached file which shows a table with three filters.

    The filters work correctly as separate filters only i.e. if a user filters in packages, it will filter as required or if a user filters Nights it will filter as required.

    What it will not do is where a user wants to filter by two or more filters, return the correct results, rather it will return the results for the last filtered only
    i.e. If a user filters by Package:Silver and Nights:3, it should return four results, not 12.

    The requirement I have is to return the exact results based on all filters chosen by the user.

    I have attached the file in question.
    The <input>'s are from line 65 - 67 and the <script> is from line 2243 - 2292.

    It would be a bonus if the "number of people" input was a drop down form with values 1, 2, 3, 4 , but thats not a requirement at this point.

    Cheers folks
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