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A few problems with the HTML -- website formatting

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  • A few problems with the HTML -- website formatting

    Hey everyone! I'm just having a few problems with my websites formatting through HTML, and came here (the best place possible) for some help.

    My problem is two things:

    My website is

    As you notice on the homepage, there are dates (i.e. November 9th, 2016) and times on the "FRESH OFF THE PRESS" area, that read exact times (i.e. 11:09pm). My question is, how can i get rid of these dates and times? I do not want them to show up.

    My second question is in regards to specific posts. For example, take a look at this post:

    Under the header, there's a label that reads "Featured" -- on all of the articles on the website there is a label that I assigned to it. While I want to keep the label, I do not want it showing up on the ARTICLE page under the header. If anything, I want to move it down under the post -- but best case scenario would be able to remove it all together. Is this possible?

    My final question is how I can input a social share bar directly under the title, without having to manually submit it every time to an article. If you notice on a post on my website, there's social sharing buttons that are at the very end of every article. I would like to KEEP these down there, but also apply another set of social sharing buttons on top of the article, right below the headline/header/article title.

    Thank you all for the help!! is a political news and story publisher
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    Hi there MonetaMan,

    try this CSS for your first problem...

    .featured-date, .recent-date, .timestamp-link {
    For your other problems, check out the attachment
    to see if I have understood your problems correctly.

    Also note that page in question has numerous coding errors.
    Of course, you may not consider this to be a problem.
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    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~