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one on one tennis, anyone interested?

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  • one on one tennis, anyone interested?

    Anyone fancy a one on one? With photoshop.
    Open theme, will prepare the first shot as soon as anyone gets back to me.

    I will only play this one on one, so first come first served.

    Lets do it.

    The game is a foot with sk8hardusd.

    Click here to view thumbnail.
    Click here to see file in JPG at 800*600
    Click here to download the photoshop file, 600,000 bytes.

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    You're probably a lot better than me. But hey, practice makes perfect, right? So start it up and I'll do my best.


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      I have served the first shot... see first post. I will update em all here with a track of the shots in thumb nails. The photoshop file is quite large so I hope you are ready to play.

      Game on sk8hardusd


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        Here is my 1st shot. I had to resize it because of the file size.
        Attached Files


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          Im off to work, will volley back tomorrow. Ta


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            Sorry been a ickle bit busy... will post in the morning without fail sir.


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              Sorry been slack but here is the next volley.

              The file is to big again so here is the URL


              Sorry again for taking time.


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                I cant get the frickin file to upload, tried 20 times at least and it drops me every time around 1/2 a meg. So till I think of a better idea or get it to work... I'm sorry.


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                  It's cool. I've been busy lately with school anyway.