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    Greetings to all,
    On a computer with lots of files Photoshop 14.0 Extended .jpg, all open correctly. However, one of the important files this morning refused to open jumped error: "Photoshop cannot open files in the" Adobe Photoshop JPEG File "format."

    Checked the rest of the files with the extension, everything is fine with them in working order. Tell someone else what to do with

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    Hi there elliotblack,

    and a warm welcome to these forums.

    Can you put the problematic image in
    a zip file and attach it to your post?

    This will, at least, give the members
    here a chance to examine it.

    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


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      1. Open "My Computer" from your desktop. Double-click your hard drive.
      2. Open "Documents and Settings."
      3. Open the folder labeled with your user name.
      4. Open "Local Settings" followed by "Temp."
      5. Scroll down to the files beginning with "Photoshop" ("PS" for older Photoshop CS builds). This will be followed by a series of letters and numbers.
      6. Double-click each "Photoshop" ("PS") temp file to open them in Photoshop CS. This is the only way to identify which temp file contains the project you wish to recover. Luckily, because when Photoshop shuts properly it deletes its temp files, there should be no more than three or four.
      7. Select "Save As" from the "File" me
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        If it's JPG file than maybe try to open it in your web-browser and copy image and paste im new photoshop file?


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          I think you must ensure about your image. Is it jpeg or not?


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            If solution on above doesn’t work or your .psd file is severely corrupted, then I would suggest you following ways contained various tips for crashed Photoshop images - PSD Open File Tool