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How to open a BAK file in Corel Draw 5?

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  • How to open a BAK file in Corel Draw 5?

    I have been having some troubles with my Corel Draw lately. First off, I no longer have the software so unfortunately re-installing is not an option. Im really hoping there is another way around it.

    First off, I saved a .cdr file as I usually do, I went to open it and it keeps telling me ERROR READING so and so file. I have tried opening the BAK file but it keeps telling me to use a specific filter. When opening a file I try clicking on "Filter Information" and says none available. I have no clue about filtering or anything else. I am pretty new with this program. Im not sure if it matters but I also have Adobe PageMaker and QuarkXpress. Is there anyway to export the file to one of these?

    I really dont want to have to buy any additional software (hopefully this wont happen again).

    I have honestly tried everything I can think of including burning the file onto disc and trying to open it from there.

    Any help what-so-ever would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi there stoubog,

    and a warm welcome to these forums.

    This site...
    Zamzar .cdr file convertor
    ...can convert .cdr files to a wide variety of extensions.

    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


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      Make use of .cdr restoration via WinZip, if it isnít work, then refer to useful threads contained various tips and solutions CorelDraw Repair Toolbox

      This procedure requires WinZip to proceed.

      With 'Make Back-up on Save enabled, w'hen saving a file a second time, CorelDRAW will rename the original file to "Backup of filename.cdr". If you were to re-save the file again, because Windows will not allow two files with the same name, in the same location at the same time, CorelDRAW will save the file as a .tmp file. Once the save process is complete, the "Backup offilename.cdr" is deleted and the .tmp file is renamed to "Backup of filename.cdr". With this in mind, it may be possible to rename the .tmp file to .zip and then extract the data.