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How do you recover a ****ed up PSD file ?

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  • How do you recover a ****ed up PSD file ?

    So i was working on a wall and the pc freezed. Nothing to do apart a hard reboot.
    Then Photoshop tells me he shut down due to a conflict with the gpu (**** you!), and when i try to reopen the file, i just got a black layer.
    Now, i still see the picture in the windows preview, and it's still 265 mo in the directory, but photoshop open the black layer and tells me it's 41mo/1,5mo.
    I just tried two psd recovery tool but they still end with he black layer.

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    Try soft type
    but in most cases nothing will not help myself I practice different stages of preservation work in different documents, so if I can file damage at least continue to work with the earlier phase, but not from the outset.