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Autocad Dwg Viewer Error

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  • Autocad Dwg Viewer Error

    I have several drawings that were created in autocad 2010. However now I am using 2012, and the files will not open, and I get a message from autocad indicating that I need the DWG viewer to open the file. I downloaded the application, and installed it from the autocad website, but when I execute it, I get the attached error. Does anyone know if the view works with Win 7? Or a way to open and print my drawings?

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    Hi there radovidsudar,

    and a warm welcome to these forums.

    It is rather unlikely that anyone here has "Autocad", which makes real help unlikely.

    I would strongly suggest, though, that you take your problem directly to...

    Autodesk Support & Learning
    ...or perhaps..
    Autodesk Community Forums

    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


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      Drawing Recovery Manager (command DRAWINGRECOVERY)

      Displays a list of all drawing files that were open at the time of a program or system failure. You can preview and open each drawing or backup file to choose which one should be saved as the primary DWG file. After a program or system failure, the Drawing Recovery Manager opens the next time you start the application. Drawing Recovery Manager displays a list of all drawing files that were open. The System Variable RECOVERYMODE controls whether drawing recovery information is recorded after a system failure and whether to show the Drawing Recovery Manager or not.

      If you want to help yourself, Autodesk and other AutoCAD users make sure to send in any errors to Autodesk when you see the Customer Error Report dialog box (CER).

      Another method would be professional software for problem .dwg files DWG Open File Tool