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Preloader, I though it was going to be simple...

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  • Preloader, I though it was going to be simple...

    Morning guys hope your all well,

    I've made a website portfolio for my Auntie as I build websites. Anyway she made a 'book of images' with indesign, looks nice but takes over a minute to load (about 9mb!) However she wont downsize it so thats that.

    The problem is the loading screen is obviously default with a light grey background and a rotating loader. I thought as it takes so long to load adding a percent preloader with a black background would help so people can see it is loading if you know what I mean. Maybe with her logo above it might make it look better.

    So basically I thought indesign would have a preloader feature but I cant seem to find it if it does. So I looked at adding an External SWF to the SWF she sent me, it might not even be possible but thought Id get some opinions from some flash gurus before giving up.

    Beware guys Im a developer and not too much in with flash Im more Jquery obsessed. So if you feel like shouting at me Ill take it on the chin

    The actual SWF is here :-

    Again give it some time to load it does take awhile.

    Thanks in advance