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    How to remove bad links on Google.?
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    As you probably already know you list your website on google using google webmaster's tools. You can also list any pages you want google to always find for instance
    If you want to delete your page/site all you need to do is put it offline. When google searches for it which they do fairly often it will tell them that your page doesn't exist of course it can take a few days. Also you should really remove the page from your webmasters tools page if it is there.


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      You can use a .HTACCESS file to redirect users to a good page from the bad link to make sure you keep your link juice and to also avoid a bad user experience from reaching a dead page, you can also use a robots.txt file to block Googles web crawler from indexing that page any more.

      You should also create an xml sitemap with the good links and submit that to Google via you're Google webmaster account.

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