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Converting Excel file to HTML

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  • Converting Excel file to HTML

    Hello everyone,

    I wish to convert an Excel file to HTML file.
    There are images in the Excel file and those images
    don't appear in the resulted HTML file.

    Can any expert tell me how to make the images visible
    in the HTML file ? (The images are stored in my local drive)

    Thank you.


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    Hey martinl

    The images would most certainly need to be uploaded to the server you are using as the world can't see your local files.

    you would need to link them correctly in the HTML code in order for them to be displayed. Perhaps upload all your images first.

    To note, converting Excel to HTML is a terrible idea! I know MS offer this as a facility, but it's just horrid and should be removed in my opinion.

    Perhaps, if you know nothing of web coding and web standards, get a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver or find someone to code the page for you and I REALLY can't recommend the MS conversion!

    Smile, It Confuses People...

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