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Please read this message before posting a question or replying to one.

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  • Please read this message before posting a question or replying to one.

    Before asking for help or replying to a question.....

    Be as specific as you can when asking for help or with a general question. Post the code you are having problems with (or the relevant section of code) or post a URL to the page/code. Try and make the subject line of the question relevant to the question, ie: "Table not aligning properly".

    Do not post questions as "Urgent" or "Need a reply ASAP" or "HELP!!!". Its rude, obnoxious, and may delay a response to your question. Questions will be answered by whoever wishes to post a reply and whenever they wish to. Please do not abuse the forum or its members.

    All members are encouraged to answer questions posted in the forum. Even if you believe you may not be giving the best answer please feel free to post one. All questions and answers are welcome as long as they are relevant to the topic of this forum and offered in good faith. There may be more than one answer that is correct to any given question so be sure to read all the answers and choose which is best for your situation and skill level.

    Before posting a reply to a question pause for a moment to think if its really germane and relevant to the topic of the thread. There really is no need to post gratuitous comments about questions or answers. If correcting an answer posted by another member please be respectful and courteous.

    Thanks for taking the time to help us help you!