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CSS IE Align Error Upon Combination

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  • CSS IE Align Error Upon Combination

    I recently purchased two templates, a html site and an oscommerce site. I planned to use the html site as a landing page and the oscommerce site as a catalog. I wanted the style to be the same across all pages using the html site style so i combined the two stylesheets. Each page is correctly rendered in Firefox however the aligning of the header and footer in IE are not central but rather hard left. Could any one tell me what hack needs to be done to fix this problem or where I am going wrong. Thanks in advance.

    The stylesheet can be viewed at and the site can be viewed at

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    You don't need a hack but correct html. Your doctype sends IE into quirks mode, which makes it irresponsive to margin: 0 and margin: auto. You need a standards doctype or you need to center matters with the <center> tag. Because your header div is 960 px wide, centering it will align the Basterfield image approximately over the menu.
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