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[PS CS2] Star Sticker 2.0 style

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  • [PS CS2] Star Sticker 2.0 style

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 6 month to a year, it's hard to go through a day of surfing the net without encountering one of these star sticker on a site (see attachement star-14.jpg).

    So ... this tutorial will show you how you can make your site a bit more 2.0 style with one of these and trust me when I say this ... it's the easiest thing in the world

    Our canvas

    Let's start off by opening a new window of 300x300 (in pixels)

    (see attachement star-1.jpg)
    (see attachement star-2.jpg)

    Choose your tool

    Next, let's change our color to something different than black. I chose #cc0000. You can pick a nice bright orange or green too.

    And create a new layer while you're at it (see attachement star-3.jpg).

    OK, now choose the polygon tool (see attachement star-4.jpg) and click on the star checkbox in the option at the top (see attachement star-5.jpg). Now put something like 20 for the sides (see attachement star-6.jpg).

    Let's start drawing

    Simple enough ... create your star the same way you would a circle or rectangle (see attachement star-7.jpg).

    That's it!

    (see attachement star-8.jpg)

    Style it!

    Let's style that star a bit.

    Go to Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay and put in the values as in the attachement star-9.jpg. For the gradient, choose the color #990000 for the second maker of the gradient (see attachement star-10.jpg).

    Result: see attachement star-11.jpg

    Go to Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow and put in the values as in the attachement star-12.jpg.

    Result: see attachement star-13.jpg

    Next, add some text, angle it and add an outer glow to it and you've got your Web 2.0 Star Sticker.

    Final results: see attachement star-14.jpg
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    [PS CS2] Star Sticker 2.0 style - attachements

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      [PS CS2] Star Sticker 2.0 style - attachements

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