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  • A script like this

    I am trying to create this page where I have a single Iframe and I want to add a button to show a next page in the iframe.

    I have a total of 4 or more pages to show in the iframe named 1.html 2.html 3.html 4.html 5.html and I would like the buttons to work going from 1 to 5 and so on.

    the sketch is something like this:

    | IFRAME |


    <<previous Next >>

    What i have so far is like the one bellow:

        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
          var locations = ["1.html", "2.html", "3.html","4.html" "5.html"];
          var currentIndex = 0;
          var len = locations.length;
            $(':button').click(function() {
                currentIndex = this.value == "Next" ? 
                    currentIndex < len - 1 ? ++currentIndex : 0 : 
                    currentIndex > 0 ? --currentIndex : len - 1;
                $('#frame').attr('src', locations[currentIndex]);
        <input type = "button" value = "Previous" />&nbsp;<input type = "button" value = "Next" />
        <br />
        <iframe id="frame" src="1.html"></iframe>
    and under var locations i want to show the page with time interval

    like: 1.html show every 5 minutes and 2.html show evert 10 minutes and 3.html show every 15 minutes and 4.html shows every 20 minutes.

    how do i do that?