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  • Programs to track site visitors


    I wanted to ask what programs do other members use to track visitors on there websites/online stores.

    I was using a blog prior to launching my online store and had a very cool plug-in that would display keyword's and area.

    I know there's a creepy level about tracking people but I always like the fact I could find out what keywords brought them into my site and from where?

    Google webmaster doesn't really say much who's visited my store either.

    I've done a few searches and signed up with "Hit Sniffer" but forgot to install the code and my trial is gone.

    I'm really looking for free options and not a program that will say 5000 people clicked my site when I only had 2 visitors

    Thank you

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    Piwik is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics but I think most people tend to use Google Analytics - when coupled with a Google Webmaster account you can get a good level of hit information


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      Check woopra and clicky. Both are good enough to track your visitors. They have the option to send the daily reports through email too.


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        Heat Map

        Heat map is another good tool to see who visited you and what areas did they interact with on the site.

        I guess they have a free trial and 30 days cancellation.


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          Banckle is a live chat software but has really cool tracking abilities. I think they have a free 30 day trial.


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            What's wrong with Google Analytics? I've heard that SEMRush is a good service but I haven't tested it


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              Originally posted by KennedyMatilda View Post
              What's wrong with Google Analytics? I've heard that SEMRush is a good service but I haven't tested it
              That tool is based on JAVA. If a user leaves the page to fast, without JAVA being loaded, then its visit will not be recorded. That is why many people believe the tool is broken. The best option so far is Awstats. That tool is part of cPanel. It gets its data and stats directly from the server logs ( i.e. it works on a server level ) and this explains why its data is the most accurate.