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Would you write a CMS help tutorial in return of a backlink?

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  • Would you write a CMS help tutorial in return of a backlink?

    Just a quick note. I keep no links to my website in this post, as I do not yet qualify for it. (30 posts/30 day rule). If interested in this, please send me a PM!

    And now...

    I got a website which is basically a tutorial site for PHP, HTML, SQL, CMS, domain and hosting. I don't know much about either myself, and I defiantly hates writing!
    So I would like to know, if a backlink, dofollow of course, and some personal branding, would be enough to write a helpful tutorial in either of the mentioned topics? The site is targeted for beginners and novices, so super complex stuff is probably not the most needed, but still welcome.

    The site for now is a PR0 (it's quite new), but I got another website of mine with over 2500 backlinks (PR2), doing a 301 redirect to it, so it passes on a lot of linkjuice to it.

    Not sure what the heck to write about?

    Could be how to do a 301 redirect, or how to do a successful SQL backup. How to get a landingpage / comming soon page on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc or on a HTML website. A bit of thinking, and there's something to write about. Anything which can be helpful to the end-user, is good .

    If you'd like to know the website, or are interested in writing, send me a PM please.

    *If this is the wrong section, please feel free to move it to the correct section.*

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    I would write a guest post for you. email me at joshmanion99 @
    Seattle's premiere digital development and marketing company Red Dragon Web Media