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All the web browsers-download links and screenshots

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  • All the web browsers-download links and screenshots

    Lately, for reasons I don't know, I started to "collect" all the web browsers that are out there.
    Every time I here of a new one or one I don't have, I download it and see how it is on terms of viewing sites, page load times, and convenience to a web designer.

    So here they are. 6 in total with links to a full size screenshot of viewed on them. I have a windows Vista notebook PC (incase you were wondering what OS and type of PC I took these screenshots on and had the browsers installed with:

    Firefox-Download Here

    IE 7-Download Here

    Opera-Download Here

    Flock-Download Here

    Netscape-Download Here

    Safari (Mac and PC)-Download Here

    My favorites would have to be either Mozilla or Opera because of their convenience to developing websites. For surfing the web, my new favorite is flock because it has bery organized ways of gathering RSS feeds, news, blogs, and it is very similar to Firefox.

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    I have stuck this thread because it is a useful place to find the different browsers available to users, which helps you to test your site for different audiences...

    This thread is not to be a discussion the relative merits of the various browsers - it is just a resource - a list of what is out there - there are plenty of threads with browser-bashing in them.

    If you find another browser - feel free to add it to the thread much like SedativeChunk has.


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      Ah, cool. Yes, please, I forgot to ask. If anyone has any browsers I don't already have, post them here!


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        Here are some for Mac (Apple) computers:

        Safari, FireFox, Netscape. Opera, IE and Flock are already mentioned by sadativechunk.




        Iphoney: (check what your site will look like on iPhone, You might have to turn on flash in iphone preferences)

        Journler: (Note taker & web Browser)


        Mozilla: (Mac/PC)


        SeaMonkey: (Mac/PC/Linux)





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          What about Pogo Browser from AT & T


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            iMacros Power Surfer Edition

            Surfing the Web is fun, but many tasks are repetitious: Check on the same sites everyday, log in to various services, remembering passwords or testing your own web site. Internet Macros can do all that for you! You record it once, and can replay it with one mouse click. Internet Macros can display slide shows of web sites, fill out forms, click buttons, clean thebrowser and much more. As often as you need it. For web professionals, Internet Macros also supports command line options.This allows your PC to surf completely unattended:


            I have used this web browser for years, and it did save my time and make surfing much more easy. Hope you like it.


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              Thanks For this Great post such a great information for all viewers. I like your post.
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                I also like your post! Thanks a lot!


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                  This is also a web browser which is not in this thread.....



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                    wow !such a great information have been posted by you all i have got a lot of point from you which i did not have before visiting this side.please keep it up .
                    Thanks you so match


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                      We're now at IE9 and there's Chrome, Opera, Maxathon and tons more browsers.