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My System firefox browser gets hanged frequently

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  • My System firefox browser gets hanged frequently

    I have been working as a resume writer in one of the leading online resume writing service website for the past 4 years. In my office, i will always prefer with firefox browser for my works but, the sad thing i need to say here is, before two months, i have updated my system's firefox browser but, after that i could not open more than 3 tabs in my system's firefox browser. The very sad thing to say is, if i tried to open more than that means, then my system got hanged and so, i have been getting a lots and lots of time loss, working mentality loss and so on. So, I request you all to get clear my doubt about what is the reason for such problem to be occurred and also please refer me some perfect solutions for my problem.
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    i think check with your RAM configuration .. there may be insufficient RAM to run firefox browser.