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    Which one operating system is best Windows or Mac ? Which one is more user friendly

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    Both have their pros n cons.

    I've always used Windows more than Mac. I stay on Windows primary because a lot more of the software I use is on Windows. But these days there's a fair bit of development done on Mac - with most of the time having decent hardware. So like creative like things are way better on a Mac - but I find productive things are better on Windows. But in saying that, there's nothing wrong vice versa - it's really personal preference.


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      I have a Mac out of preference but I use Windows at work. Once you get used to the foibles of each, there's not much difference between the two, really.

      I've been using Apple/Mac since 1983, so I'm used to the keyboard shortcuts. I'm not used to reaching over for the CTRL key is the main thing, which may be a small thing, but there you have it.

      I've only been on PCs infrequently since 1995. There have been a lot of changes since then and I haven't had the opportunity to familiarize myself with all the ins and outs of each version. *lol* I'm afraid I still think of them as needing bload instructions.

      Which is better? Depends on what you want to do, how much you're willing to pay both for the computer and the programs and how much you're willing to work at learning how to get the best out of your computer.

      Just one more thing. I like the idea that there are less ways for a Mac to catch a virus or other such program than a PC. It's not that I'm careless, but every so often I manage to pick up a virus from a PC and infect my Mac. It doesn't bother the Mac, but I can reinfect PCs if I'm not careful. It's a pain as I often bring work (PC) home to my Mac and take back the completed work. I have my software set up to check each thumbdrive as I insert it on both machines, but it's a royal pain to have to do it all the time, even when going between only two machines.
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        Try Linux. I use it because it's safer than popular systems (most malware is targeted to Windows and Mac) and besides it allows you to customize almost everything


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          I vote for Linux because I think it's the safest system today.


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            my vote is for windows