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Acer computer takes 30 minutes + to work.

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  • Acer computer takes 30 minutes + to work.

    I have an old Acer computer that I use at work. It takes 30+ minutes to load so that I can see the screen. I'm told it's just because it's tempermental, but I get the feeling something's about to go. Power supply or hard drive?

    There's no grinding or such noises, barely any whirring that might indicate the hard drive is working (just a flashing light that doesn't flash regularly and is a picture of a drum, HDD, I'm assuming). On a good day, I can get a second-long image of the desktop and then the screen goes black again after about 30 seconds from my pushing the on button. Hard drives are about 20% capacity. Come to think of it, I'm not hearing any fans, either. Overheating maybe?

    Where would I find troubleshooting information?

    Any ideas would help. I know more about Macs than I do PCs, but the bits inside are the same. I can find the parts I need, too, I think.
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    Made a quick search and found something interesting.

    Has your Acer computer a card reader? Is there a plastic dummy card?

    If yes - remove it. It could be, that your computer tries to read from it. To be sure, also remove cd/dvd, usb drives etc.
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      The last time I encountered that problem, the hard drive was beginning to go bad. Use the Windows utility or another program to check the disk for errors. (You have to tell it to check the disk, not just the file system.) If it finds bad sectors, chances are your hard drive is dying. Use the utility to repair the bad sectors, then immediately clone the drive to a new one. When you buy a new hard drive you can usually go to the manufacturer's web site and download a cloning utility. That will be your best option.

      Especially if the computer takes a very long time to boot up but then works acceptably, this is likely your problem. The power supply is unlikely to be at fault in this case.

      Final note - try defragmenting your hard drive if you are using Windows XP or earlier. It is unlikely that this will solve so severe a problem, but it can't hurt. Vista, 7, and 8 do this automatically.


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        Okay, I'll check for a card reader and see if I can find the utilities to check the disk.

        Thanks for the tips, guys. It's appreciated.
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          I've upgraded the service pack and we got a new monitor. It works just fine now. Go figure!
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            Change drive to SSD