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    Anyone have a suggestion for a data (pictures) recovery software program from a CD? CD is not scratched or defective. My CD/DVD drive works fine. The CD cannot be "read" from this or another PC.

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    If you can't read a CD, then you can't read it. Data recovery software isn't going to get around that.

    Start asking friends to utilize their CD drives. You might get lucky and find one that can read it.


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      Data recovery made easy! Fix corrupted hard drives and partitions. The free version of HDD Recovery Pro shows you a Live Preview of your lost, deleted or corrupted office documents and pictures before you make a decision to recover one or another. . HDD Recovery Pro automates entire process of data recovery after your hard drive fails, or if you accidentally format it, or even if you simply delete a file or a folder. Even if your disk is completely inaccessible after a crash, HDD Recovery Pro scans your hard drive for damaged partitions to find and correct corrupted or damaged partition tables.


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        If you are looking for any CD data recovery software then you can try Stellar Phoenix CD Rom Data recovery software. Download the demo version of the software and scan your CD, if you were able to see the data through the software then only go for the full version. The software is helpful in the following cases Provides recovery of data and file, lost due to unreadable, scratched, corrupt or defective CD media. You can download the demo version from:


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          I have a corrupt CD/DVD that contains many excel files, how can i restore these files? I used the software that you say here, but it did not work. Also i found a software called ExcelFIX, but i don't know if it works.
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            Restoring from a CD/DVD is a lot more harder. It is not the same as a hard drive because the CD/DVD is only writable once. Once it gets scratched you are out of luck.
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