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Newer, "Meaner" Ransomware

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  • Newer, "Meaner" Ransomware

    (January 6, 2014)
    Newly detected ransomware known as PrisonLocker or PowerLocker has been the subject of discussions on underground forums since late last year.
    It bears some similarities to CryptoLocker, the ransomware that demands payment in Bitcoins and has thus far not been cracked. The new malware could be even more of a threat than CryptoLocker because it could be sold as a malware kit for US $100, whereas CryptoLocker was crafted specially for a certain group of cyber extortionists.
    [Editor's Note (Murray): The potential for success for "ransomware, as with other forms of extortion, is all in the pricing. The criminals appear to have found the "sweet spot."
    (Honan): Ransomware has proven to be quite lucrative for criminals and we will no doubt see continual development by them in this area. What is frustrating though is the countermeasures to protect against infection by ransomware are basic measures (up to date patches, up to date AV, good backups) that most companies and individuals should have in place. As an industry we need to focus on better ways of articulating how to protect our systems rather than focusing on the cool and new sophisticated attacks that may never be used against those systems.]
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