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ZeroAccess Botnet Group May be Surrendering Control

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  • ZeroAccess Botnet Group May be Surrendering Control

    (December 22, 2013) Microsoft's Digital Crime Unit believes that the group behind the ZeroAccess botnet may be calling it quits on that particular endeavor.
    Earlier this month, Microsoft and its industry partners and law enforcement agencies in the US and Europe took control of several servers integral to ZeroAccess's operation. While the effort did not completely eradicate the botnet, it did disrupt the operation. An initial message sent to machines still infected with the malware after the takedown provided an update, but a more recent communication contained the string "WHITE FLAG," indicating that the group may have decided that resurrecting ZeroAccess might not be worth the effort.
    [Editor's Note (Henry): If this is true, it highlights the value in making things more costly for the adversary. Disruption and dismantlement by Law Enforcement agencies can have an impact when lawfully and successfully executed. Though it may be short-term, this would be a reason for cautious optimism.]
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