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Brian Wiita - Can someone help me about hosting thanks

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  • Brian Wiita - Can someone help me about hosting thanks

    Hi there ths is my second thread , i was wondering if i need to run my own hosting or is somewhere like from namecheap hosting just as good?.

    Thanks again Brian Wiita

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    Hi, Brian! Welcome to the forums.

    Hosting can be a tricky bit. No, you don't need a server of your own to host a site. There are a number of free sites for hosting, but the least of their 'strings' is a lot of ads on the page that cannot be removed or you'll violate the ToS. Others say you can only use their programs, like and

    Having said that, there are also a number of places that you can rent site space from someone else's server. They have a few 'strings', too, but not as many as the free sites. Some will allow you to have databases on the site, some allow you a certain number of email address, etc. It's best to shop around for things like that, plus how much space you're allowed, how much bandwidth you'll get and what happens to the site when you go over that bandwidth allotment. There's also the matter of cost per month/year and what the tech support is like. If you can, find some reviews of the host.

    I know it's not much help, but google search 'web hosting' and you should be able to find something you can use.
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