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Need Guidance in Choosing VPS Server for Bulk Mailing Facility

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  • Need Guidance in Choosing VPS Server for Bulk Mailing Facility


    I am Gabriel Watkins, a business owner. My business is not going well nowadays. So, my friend suggests me to proceed with e-mail marketing promotion. He was also telling about bulk mailing option. That's why, I'm looking for a reliable, transparent, secure and affordable hosting solutions who can provide me VPS Server for bulk mailing facilities. For this purpose, I've searched on Google & found information about few providers. One among them is Juluhost. I've also gone through their website which looks quite impressive. But I'm a bit confused, as I've no idea about this domain. So I thought for seeking about an expert advice, may be some of you have any knowledge about this company & their services.

    So, I've joined this established platform to hear from you. As I belief, there are many people deals with the same topic. So, may be they can help me out.

    If you could provide me the guidance, it would be a great help for me.

    Looking to hear your expert advice..

    Thanks in advance

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    There must be other ways of promoting your business other than just spamming people; that has never really been effective.
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      Bulk mailing

      There are many hosting providers that offer VPS hosting but if one want bulk mailing then just a VPS or dedicated server will not suffice. One of the main reasons for the service providers not to offer bulk mailing is the fear of getting their IPs blacklisted. Sending bulk emails may damage the business reputation. Sending emails to users who have registered with you and the email that you send have double opt will make email sending legitimate. If this is not the case then mass mailing would be considered as spam. Hence, if one needs bulk emailing then by using some emailing clients like SMPT can be the answer for bulk mailing.


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        Bulk mailing will be a problem with many vps/hosting providers. For a legitimate mailing list I can advise you to try XXOOM℥ VPS Hosting Plans from $1/month:
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