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Wordpress hosting recommendations?

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  • Wordpress hosting recommendations?

    Thinking to transfer my wordpress blogs to another web host.
    My friends suggested me choosing, and - Any info on these web hosts?

    Will it be worth running my wordpress sites with them?
    Are they helpful in transferring files to them?

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    HostGator has recently been bought out by EIG. Their reviews are not as great as before this aquisition. I have never heard of before but their website looks a bit outdated and none of their reviews have a link to the persons website. So this would make me think that they were made up.

    I looked up 7host on WHT and they seem to have good reviews. Have not read anything negative about them.


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      Hostgator would be a stable solution

      I'am having one shared and 1 reseller with hostgator since January. So far so good.. ( though the price is bit high.. )

      Their servers are stable compared to some other cheap hosts ( where I had a really bad experience with a cheap host with almost daily site down issues )

      Their chat system and ticketing system is also good when ever you need to get a issue sorted out.

      hard to say anything about and as I have never heard and have not used either of them but i think looks a good host.

      Also chk justhost as well ( it is also a good host )


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        Thinking about doing shared server for Wordpress. Is this set up kind of doable? What will be the disadvantages if I may ask?


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          Look for some shared hosting with premium hardware and support ...


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            Managed solutions are always better than a classic shared hosting. Take a look at :

            .RS Registrations - There are no restrictions, everyone can register a .RS domain name

            ** SSL Certificates. **


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              You need to take certain action steps before you purchase web hosting services. Even if you are a novice or a pro, certain hosting providers make it simple and easy to make your own blog or website and everything you need to get started. Following are certain action steps which you need to follow.

              1) Security: this is one of the most important aspects that you need to look for because hackers are now targeting the small businesses. Check for web hosts that will provide you security bundles. Also offer SSL certificates which are essential for website security.

              2) Payments: look for terms and conditions that are concealed with an asterisk * which many customers do not read at the time signup. Search for web hosts that are dependable and have a genuine signup procedure with a stringent fraud detection process. Also are transparent over the pricing, hosting offers and sign up contracts.

              3) Uptime: look for web hosts’ uptime track record. The best web hosting providers time they’re scheduled/planned maintenance during off-peak hours and would send a prior notification to the customers regarding the maintenance.

              4) Scalability: As the website gains popularity the resource that the websites was using would not be adequate to handle the website traffic. The web hosting provider must be able upscale the resources like bandwidth, storage and C.P.U usage limit to enjoy uninterrupted hosting services for your website.

              5) Genuine offers and customer reviews: Be aware of web hosting providers that claim to offer unbelievable discounts. A good hosting provider offers customers with the best web hosting offers that are genuine.

              6) Support: When you select the hosting provider be certain of their support, hosting provider must be available to provide you with quality 24×7 exuberant support.


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                How to secure and speed up wordpress
                .RS Registrations - There are no restrictions, everyone can register a .RS domain name

                ** SSL Certificates. **


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                  Hi Ttodlock,

                  I manage several blogs with 1&1 since they have some special plans for wordpress blog hosting, and I would recommend them if you are making a serious website (professional blog, online shop, etc). They are also helpful for transferring files and also domains (in the event you have already domains to transfer). I hope you find them useful