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.net vs .org

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  • .net vs .org

    I am trying to catch a domain, but sadly .com isn't available.

    However, I need the same name, so I am going for another extension..

    Can anyone tell which one to go for?
    .net or .org?

    I'll be happy to get your opinions,

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    Think that it will be quite reasonable to choose .net domain. Moreover, don't forget that your domain should be unique, catchy, memorable and short cos a good domain is good money in your pocket. I'm and must say that their domain registration service is great. just my 2 cents.


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      org are normally used by non profit organizations

      Generally speaking if you go with a .org domain extension, then the users might come to a conclusion that the web site is a non-profit based organization. So if your planning to do something like accept donations, provide relief work, aid providing etc etc.. then .org would be ideal.

      .net is also now common among business people ( profit based firms ). Recently i saw a web hosting firm in USA that uses .net and it is popular in that particular area..

      So i feel that you are planning to do some business matter and suggest you to go with .net


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        It depends on keywords. Some keywords work better with .org
        .RS Registrations - There are no restrictions, everyone can register a .RS domain name

        ** SSL Certificates. **


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          .net vs .org

          Decide whether the domain name can be altered by addition of say a hyphen, an extra word or an alphabet.

          In case if the same domain is required and no alteration will be useful. Then one can try another TLD.

          Check what is domain name specifying.

          Is it a business related domain name?
          Is it a domain name relating to a non-profit organisation?

          In case of a business related domain name .net will be better.
          In case of a non-profit related domain name .org will be better.
          You must go with the choice of TLD that clicks your mind.