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    A friend of mine came acrros this hosting company called Hostable. Appear to be a Linux hosting I just bought myself a account and it only charged 99 cents! and its for 3 years.

    Currently uploading site files to the account now. It runs Cpanel so that was a win to me. No issues with the upload seems pretty fast. I would give it a shot.

    Everything also looks to be unlimited! Not sure how long they could keep this up. But so far I have uploaded 120 MB of data no issues.
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    Checked your link of hostable and they have a very good plan. buy a domain and you will get hosting for a full year. great.
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      Originally posted by FiberOptck View Post
      ... it only charged 99 cents! and its for 3 years...
      So why title the thread, "free"?
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        Wow zombie Thread haha....

        Its was Free when I looked at it. they changed thier promotion now you can pre register for a free account. the service is still very worth it. I was with Hostgator before I heard about Hostable. Sure HG was decent in price, but horrible support and services. So Hostable was a brilliant migration for me and my company. ( and intresting enough since the switch to hostable I have notice much more traffic. better indexing?