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    I have been working on a PHP sitemap generator over the last few days. I thought I would release it as open source in order to promote my website before I start releasing products. Basically it uses CURL to perform a depth first search for anchor elements. The advantage of this is that you only get a sitemap of pages that the user can see. Some of the hidden directories, such as /login will not be traversed. This saves you from creating a robots.txt file in many cases. The disadvantage is that links determined by client-side code will not be seen. So links inserted at runtime via Javascript will be completely ignored.

    For me, it is a project that I wanted to create to save myself from submitting my sitemap to Google and Bing manually on a weekly basis. This can easily be automated by pinging those services with your sitemap URL via a CRON job.

    Please let me know if it works for you. It is still largely experimental. Screenshots of error message are also appreciated. You can send bug reports and feature requests through the forum, private message, or the e-mail listed on the download page. It is open source, under the zlib license.

    Free Sitemap Generator

    PS: This is my first post in the freebies section, and I don't totally understand what the rules are here. Mods, if this type of promotion is not acceptable, please message me before killing my rep or catapulting me. Thanks.
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    Your site is too simple..
    If any one would have wanted a sitemap generator.. and in-case it lands on your site, its too simple for any one to believe that such a simple site would build an awsm sitemap generator.
    Appreciating your site, i would just say.. do some more work on designing it..


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      The link shows 404 . Is it still available ? Is there any documentation regarding to too I can read ?

      Thank you in advance for your reply.


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        Yeah - I would have liked to see ti as well.

        I have tried alot of sitemap generators, but many of them dont meet my needs.

        Maybe yours would

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