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  • Link Spammers Wanted

    Yes, you did read that right lol!
    admin.. look at the homepage this is for real

    I'm doing some live testing of a comments script, no registration is required so just come over to, find the radio station and post to your hearts content.

    The spam filter is OFF and links using <a href= etc will be fully functional so your pay-masters and search engines can see them. At the end of the month we'll clear the database and things go back to normal.

    We had hoped to be doing this just before christmas but there was some setbacks, so enjoy yourself! Tell a friend and spread the word.

    PS: if you could please manage to use one or two whole sentences rather than just type random garbage it would be very helpfull

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    *lol* Okay. You may find yourself with a mittful there, but if that's the way you're going. Good luck to you!
    Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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      I know it's a bit wierd asking for spam but way back in the early days when I first started building websites was grateful for any traffic Some of my more determined regular spammers even mailed in and asked if it was a joke!

      So I have a soft spot for link spammers and as they get such a hard time around the rest of web I thought it would be nice to give them a break.. if only for a little while. Doubt very much I'll be flooded for they are a nervous bunch and most of the Pro ones know how unusualy devious my normal anti-spam measures are, so not expecting hordes.

      Regular visitors are of course more than welcome as well and there is a new HTML5 demo for picking lottery balls & a Biorhytm analyser both complete with script details for those interested.


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        Cool! I'm afraid I'm not much fussed on link spammers. I see too many of them in the course of a day that I'd just like to take all of them and... *lol* Well, they're not my favourite people, no. Some don't seem to get the message that we're not fussed on spammers in the forums and some can't seem to figure out that we're not a platform for cheap hookers, cheaper knock-offs and diet junk.
        Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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          Originally posted by Pegasus View Post
          ... we're not a platform for cheap hookers...
          No. They shouldn't be put on a platform. Nor a pedestal either.
          Live fast. Die young. Leave a beautiful body of code. (Nick Romano in Knock on any Door 1949... nearly!) Initiative test for Peg! Can you see this link? Small business multi-user multi-currency accounts freeware & multi-company accounting software NB. It is not spam - I'm allowed to have a signature! Hee, hee! It's been here months without you seeing!


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            If all life gives you is Spam... open a cannery

            Results were very interesting not only for identifying what forum the spammers had come from but in some cases the username of the miscreants could be extrapolated as well. As a bonus the IPs of the paymasters for the link spammers also stood out like sore thumb in the logs but that was all just a spinoff.

            As for the true purpose, well let's just say there are certain products people would crawl through the sewers and beg to buy it. Link spammers I discovered exhibit remarkably similar behavior to reach the coveted URL containing their link. What would of been normally just two page views per spam post became many during the tests with all of them covered in adverts