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    If you're a web developer or SEO company, consider reselling "live chat" (live support) software to your customers. Only a few lines of HTML needed on customer sites to show operator "online/offline" images (which can be customized). Operator console and chat 100% web-based, and can be configured so your domain name appears.

    Entirely white-label, and no minimum resell price. Your customers can manage their own chats (via your customized operator log-in page) or you can manage their chats for them. Find out more at:

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    Hi gotlivechat,

    Is it your site? Very nice site and a product which can add a lot of value to many online businesses. Good job! I will study your software more.

    And I recommend everybody to take better care of their customers (or potential customers). At the end it is not about how nice your website is but how much value your customers get from you and how comfortable they feel. A software like this helps us to achieve this goal.

    As a delta, I would mention that I could not find a price on your site. As a customer I would like to see all prices right away, otherwise it make me feel that there is something tricky going on. Unless your product or service is in a huge demand I would clearly specified the price.



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      Hello Snaphost, the link to pricing is on each web page A direct link to it is here: