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img not where I want. why?

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  • img not where I want. why?

    I am not a profesional programmer of web pages (interface).

    I downloaded a template, I changed it a little and now Im stock in one page with img.
    I made a place for image --> in attachment
    I put an image and it goes down --> in attachment

    all page is made from tables

    why its happening if I made a place special?
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    It looks as though there is a margin or column that has been set to the right hand side.

    Without seeing your code (HTML & CSS) it's impossible to say.


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      yeah.. I thought that here is sth cookie witch everybody knows..

      I attached these two files.

      Thank You very much for Your help..
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        I just took a quick look and well.... ouch!

        I strongly advise you to look for a different template.
        This one is horrible. It has multiple nested tables. It needs to be completely re-written/ re-designed.

        However, I believe your problem is that the data cell is defined to be 168px wide, whereas your image is 169px wide.
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          I had this mind that I need to choose another template..

          so now I will choose..

          Thank You