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    Needing some help and advice.

    We are looking into getting an online sermon page for our church.

    Not for sure how to go about doing it, so if somebody is willing to give a hand or some input would appreciate it very muuuuch. Would be willing to pay a little...


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    Do you already have a website? If so what's the link? A mod will move this thread I suspect to Acquiring skills area, but if you have a site up it's a good start.


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      I'm willing to do church web site designs for free in my spare time (very little free time lately), so I can volunteer on a one-pager.

      If you want more than one page, I have a friend that I mentor who is just beginning and would probably love to do it just for the experience, again, no charge. His designs are perfect code and CSS, so he has been a good student.

      Good luck. God's peace.


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        Web Site

        We already have a webite, it is

        We currently just have one sermon link at a time.

        Would like to have an archive of sermons

        Please contact me



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          How are the sermons put onto the server? Are they just simply uploaded? You can use some javascript to allow the user a choice of sermon to play.


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            sermons are loading onto our server.


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              Are you just looking for a script that will allow the user to listen to the sermons or are you wanting a total site redesign?


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                Hi, again, Pastor,

                My comments include criticism of your web pages intended to point out areas for improvement and to help you solve the current problem. Advice is being offered as a matter of assisting you, not being judgmental. I will create what you need at no charge.

                I visited your site and it looks typical of many church sites with dead links and deprecated code, usually due to responsibility being shared or passed on several times with some unfortunate person trying to pick up the pieces. The "Volunteer" link is just one example of a link to nowhere. The "Credits" text link at the bottom of some pages also returns "Page Not Found", so the signs of multiple webmasters is apparent.

                Let's solve your immediate problem.

                Do you want just the one page added to archive sermons, or a makeover?
                Current event content IS updated, so someone is making changes on the News page up until recently anyway. Has this person left or do you still have someone to manage future changes?

                Each page has about 50 code errors, and adding another that is no worse and does what you want would be fairly easy. The link to the current sermon could be changed to a link to all sermons without having to create a new "Sermon" button in the main navigation and submenus on each page.

                Depending on the experience of the church webmaster, instructions for creating a hyperlink to add a new sermon each week could be included.

                I can solve your immediate problem and just need details on the number of sermons to archive, and the date plus file names of each. Send me a private message if you are interested and I'll give you my personal email address to continue our conversation.

                Depending on your "wish list" and the talent available in your congregation to support a complete makeover once it's done and online, I will do the one page now and the student mentioned in my previous post will most likely volunteer for the makeover at no charge. I design sites full-time and currently have 10 projects in work, so I cannot make time to do the makeover personally.

                The short term, one page addition, could be done within a few days.

                Let me know if I may help. If 'yes', send the private message to get my email address and you can answer these questions privately by email later, rather than here.

                Blessings to you and yours.


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                  Thanks for the feedback, I do not take it as critism,so thanks for the honest review. sometimes you need people with a new set of eyes.

                  I am the current webmaster of the site and a couple of things have slipped thru, so thanks for you attention to detail

                  Please feel free to contact me on my e-mail which is



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                    Hi, Pastor,

                    You're welcome. Thanks for the PM.

                    The new page "adding another that is no worse and does what you want" is in work.
                    I have emailed you for details.