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Read This Before Posting A Request Or Question

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  • Read This Before Posting A Request Or Question

    DO NOT post general questions about HTML or other webmastering topics in this forum!

    This forum is specifically to request a job or service you wish to have done, such as an image or banner, or a total website design, or nearly anything related to the internet and websites.

    You should include enough details about what you want so that people reading your request can decide if they want more information or are willing to try and help you. You should include what type of compensation you are thinking of giving for the job, ie: pay money or free hosting or whatever.

    You can also post about a service or job you are looking to do, such as designing websites, making graphics, or any service that is related to the internet.

    You may not post pyramid schemes or other money making schemes. Your post(s) will be deleted and you will be banned from the forum if you post anything of this nature.

    You are responsible to make sure the party that you make a contract or enter into an agreement with is capable of fullfilling the contract.

    The BR network and its agents will not intervene in disputes between parties and are not responsible for any misrepresentations by individuals or companies. By using this specific forum you agree to release BR and its agents from any and all liability.

    NO SPAM!

    We all know spam when we see it. If you post what just amounts to an unsolicited commercial advertisment then your post will be moved to the spam box and you might be banned from the forum. The point of this forum is not to be used as advertising per se, please keep your posts reasonable and succint.

    Thank you,