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Staff Wanted: Xbox Reviewer: Paid Job

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  • Staff Wanted: Xbox Reviewer: Paid Job

    Forum Name: Xbox Live Fan
    Positions Available: Reviewer (Game, Console & Accessory)
    Link to forum:

    Pay & Earnings details..
    XLF Reviewers are paid on a Per Review Basis. The Current Rates are..
    Game Reviews: 0.50
    Console Reviews: 0.50
    Accessory Reviews: 0.50

    Note: You can write only game reviews, only console reviews, only accessory reviews or all 3.

    Cash Earned can be requested at anytime as long as your Earnings() Due is at 10.00 or more.
    You will be paid any cash you make on via

    Extra Benifits For XLF Reviewers..
    - You get access to the XLF Staff Room.
    - PM inbox message limit of 100.
    - You can send out PMs to 50 other members at a time.
    - Your post count will still increase in the "Posting Games" forum.

    XLF Reviewer Requirements..
    - You must use the Review Templates provided when writing reviews.
    - You must keep the XLF Reviewer Signature Banner in your Signature at all times.
    - You must attach your Signature to all Posts & PMs you make on the forum.
    - You must always be subscribed to your Reviews in order to be notified of any comments on them.
    - You must always be subscribed to your Sticky Topic in the "Say Hello To The XLF Team" forum

    If you would like to become a XLF Reviewer, please reply below & we can talk about it further.

    Note: I have not yet finished writing up a review template for accessories, so for now, i will only require you to write game & console reviews. The templates for writing reviews on accessories will be finished by next week.