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Need a web development team?

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  • Need a web development team?

    We are looking for a Web Development team that has extensive experience with the following technologies web 2.0, e-commerce. My/MS SQL. In addition developers must also have experience working with Dreamweaver and Flash, that is not a priority but may come in handy for future developments, Can anyone suggest me good team so that I can get going?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Lots of members here are high quality web developers. The problem is that many feel reluctant to be in a web development team for whom they don't know personally. Here are some reasons why.

    Again, you don't know who the person is what is gathering up people. You may be suckered in doing a project just to get slapped when they scam you. Many skilled web developers are already skilled enough to the point where they are BETTER off being independent than be in a group. If they need help, they will ask a forum for it.

    Experienced web developer may also be reluctant to be in a "virtual" team becuase sometimes people will lie about their skills just to mooch off some profit and benifits from the more skilled developers. Results: Time wasted for the more skilled.

    No one wants to be bossed around by someone they've never met personally who claims they will pay. (be very cautious) .

    Also considering that you only have 1 post here makes us unsure about if you're legit or not. Now if you are a frequent member here, then everyone will know that you are serious.

    and ofcourse, we also get the feeling that you are using us as tools to profit for you have promise your clients of what you can do.

    There are many many reasons why skilled developers are always reluctant to join. People will have different opinions. but all in all, you will find that finding a skilled experineced team will be hard. Why not just join a forum and get help for whatever you need. All those skilled experieneced developer will eventually come back to the community when they need help anyways.

    just asked anyone skilled experienced web developer "online", they will say: "get on a forum for help".

    good luck


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      Indeed a long and well said reply bxsiong


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        Bloody long reply, email me with a brief summary of what is involved and I'll let you know what I can do for you.


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          RE:Need a web development team?

          I believe that this is the first time that you are looking for a team ….since there are many out there and most of them do come off good. My friend had used the services of professional team to make a website and he was impressed by them. They were professionals as well as good advisers.



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            Re: Need a web development team?

            Hi santiago9,
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            Good Luck!


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              I sent you a PM.


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                  Is this offer still open

                  I am a developer. I developed sites like TellmeOnline, and Engagement Rings site


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                    This thread is almost 2 years old. I don't think the offer is still open.
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                      Is this offer still open