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Great movie domain for sale.

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  • Great movie domain for sale.

    Today I'm selling my beloved Domain and website for the right price.

    Also I'm willing too sell domain and website.
    Domains:, is a great website which gets a lot of traffic. Last appraisal was around $1500 but Honestly I'm looking for ANY offer I can (I mean anything). I'm willing to throw the website in. You can see it if you go to the domain its well established.

    Why the quick and silly reason of selling and for sooo cheap!
    I've started a new project that's a bigger and better opportunity, Bringing in a big sum of income. If ran correctly, so I will need as much time as possible for a full hands on deck approach with the project. Also i'll need what ever money I can get through the sale so it can be passed on too my new project. Check my new project out (

    Why not sell on a Premium site to get a premium price?
    This question was asked yesterday!
    Reason being they cost money to place on them sites and I need every penny I have.
    Also the main reason people pay a premium price for a domain ( is usually for a good return. Which means turning my beloved Free community movie site into a money making business driving everyone that's currently there outta town.

    Please I repeat again any offer will be looked into. For any domain/website.

    Thankyou for reading.
    Danco inc.
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