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The Do's and Don't's of Peddler's Village - No Ifs or Buts

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  • The Do's and Don't's of Peddler's Village - No Ifs or Buts

    Welcome to the Peddler's Village. The Peddler's Village is a marketplace for website related products and services for members to buy, sell, or trade. There are a number of rules to The Peddler's Village, so please ensure you have read through them in order to avoid infractions that could adversely effect your account. In the case of severe violations or repeated, accounts may be banned altogether, or as we say here, Catapulted.

    The below rules are subject to change, and reserves the right to remove any post at any time.


    Donít post commentary on the products for sale in The Peddler's Village
    Donít sell or post any warez, illegal items, or products that you do not have the right to resell.
    Donít post unrelated items to the topic you are posting in (ie: ipods, nike sneakers, tequila shooters, cheese, etc.)
    Don't Post links to an offer on your commercial website (ie if your post is for the sale of domain names, the domains for sale should be listed on the forums directly, and you should not simply provide a link to your domain selling website ie: All information for the offers should be contained within your post. In the case of the sale of websites, a link to the website may be provided, for the sale of the scripts, script demo links may be provided, for design services, finished project examples may be posted, for advertising and traffic trading your website link may be provided, etc.
    Donít post requests to buy or sell accounts of any kind. Account selling and transferring is against many websites TOS.
    Donít post any software serials or keys.
    Don't post requests for currency exchanges.
    Donít attempt to buy or sell reputation or karma.
    Donít be under the belief that or Big Resources, Inc. endorses or supports any of the products sold within The Peddler's Village - we don't. All responsibility for information posted is the responsibility of the seller alone.

    THE DO's

    Doask questions on the items for sale in the village if you are interested in purchasing.
    Do investigate the seller by reviewing their past posting history, total post count, itrader rating and karma ranking.
    Do Post requests to buy items using the Want to Buy [WTB] abbreviation in the beginning of your thread. Example: [WTB] Web Design Articles. This abbreviation will draw more attention from sellers.
    Do Make the terms of the sale or arrangement clear before you complete the transaction and ensure that both parties both agree to the terms.
    Do Beware of vague claims or claims that seem too incredible to be true.
    Do Accept bidding on your item if you would like to receive multiple items.
    Do Leave itrader reputation and comments after you have completed a transaction with another party.

    One important feature of The Peddler's Village is the itrader reputation system. The itrader system will allow you to review and submit feedback for other forum members. You can find any user's itrader review count next to any of the posts that they have made. The itrader feedback count will be located beneath their total post count and above their karma icons as shown below:

    To review a user's itrader rating, simply click the number next the itrader text (in the above example, the itrader review total is (0)

    If you have completed a transaction, trade, or exchange with another forum member, then it is time to provide them with itrader feedback. To do this, simply return to the in the thread in which your transaction took place, and click the itrader review count on the first post on that thread. This links will take you to the user's itrader feedback page as shown below:

    From this page, simple click the "Submit Feedback for User" link, circled in the above example, and you will be directed to the itrader feedback submission page as illustrated:

    From here you will select if you were the buyer or the seller (both the buyer and seller may submit itrader feedback), provide a rating on the transaction experience (positive, negative, neutral), provide a comment on the transaction, a URL referencing the location of the transaction, and finally post additional extended comments on the transaction.

    Good luck, and enjoy The Peddler's Village!
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